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We’ve been expert cash Home Buyers since 2008, having bought thousands of houses as-is

Our mission is to help homeowners that are struggling, no matter the situation that led you to sell your home, it’s your right to work with people who are professional, highly ethical, and will give you a fair offer on your property.

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Royal properties

Sell to Royal Properties

We want to help you take control of your situation by providing a fair, easy and fast home sale experience, leaving the stress of  your unwanted property behind while we handle everything for you.

NO Repairs Needed
NO Commissions
Close in just 7-14 days
NO Closing Costs
Choose your closing date
NO Waiting (Offer in 24 Hours)

REaltors & listing

Traditional Sale

If you’re tired of dealing with realtors trying to sell your house without results or you need to sell ASAP, you’re in the right place! We have the solution to all your real estate needs.

High Repair Costs
High Commissions (6% on average is paid by you)
Closing Costs are paid by you (2% on average)
Uncertain Closing Date
Long waiting periods (90+ Days)
Will not close on the date of your choice
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Lee Windsor

Real Estate Broker

Over 20+ years of experience in real estate services in the State of Florida. Always addressing our client’s needs with the best advice.

Edward Windsor

Real Estate Agent

Over 5+ years in the real estate industry, has helped countless clients receive a full fair cash offer on their property.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Great people, they're quick honest straight to the point,I was in a desperate situation with my home they came in a professional way bought it,guided me through the steps day by day.highly recommended.thank you Royal properties LLC land and trust..."

Jeff Wood

Thanks Jeff, we appreciate your business!

"Lee was a great help ,he worked all the details and made this a painless process, I will use them again ,as I plan to buy a few more homes ,thank you."

john holliday

Your welcome John looking forward to helping you again!Lee

"I had a very easy time selling my home through them. I looked at many, many companies that pay cash for homes, but their price was the best/most fair. For these two reasons I would highly recommend them.."

Dylan Mazzocca

Thank you for working with Royal Properties llc it was great pleasure to assist you in selling your home for cash!!

"Excellent service, they helped me with the whole process. I recommend them because it is very fast and easy, I am satisfied with what Edward offered
me and his simple processes.."

Jose Luis Khalil

Thank you

"I've been very pleased with this service.
They helped me get my house under contractvand closing is in 14 days!."

Josue Olvera

Thanks we love to serve our clients.

"Had a really good experience with Edward Windsor He knows what you looking for and what you need. 100% recommended.."

Crystal Gettings

Thanks you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is RP House Buyers?

RP House Buyers is a cash based fund in Florida, committed to providing solutions to homeowners in every situation. We’ve been expert cash home buyers since 2008, having bought thousands of houses, as-is.

How it works?

We’ve removed the headaches of selling a home with an incredibly 3 steps simplified process:
✔️Fill out a simple form and our property specialist will call you or you can call us at +1 (877) 318-1937
✔️Get a cash offer! We make a fair offer  in less than 24 hours.
✔️Close and get paid! As soon as 7-14 days or you can set a closing date of your preference.

My home needs a lot of work, will you still buy it?

YES! We buy homes in ANY CONDITION. You won’t have to repair anything.

Do I qualify for a cash offer ?

Everyone qualifies for a cash offer! If you are looking for a solution to your Real Estate problems and need cash in hand within weeks, you are in the right place.

Do you buy homes anywhere?

Currently we buy homes anywhere in the United States.

How long does it take to get my money after selling?

You can get cash in your hands as fast as 2 weeks.